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“I am a motivated consultant with the vision of connecting, uniting and diversifying those individuals/entrepreneurs who are ready to grow in their purpose.”

– Vanessa Mota

About Vanessa:

From Chicago, IL, Vanessa Mota’s primary goal has always been to promote cultural awareness and crosslinking with other ethnic cultures.  With her creation of Mota Crosslinking Business Academy, MCBA appeals to connect, unite, and diversify through the programs that she offers.  Currently, Vanessa serves as an advisor for the Mayor’s Minority Business Council, and as Director of the South Carolina Latino Project.  She also holds an esteemed position on the Advisory Board for Francis Marion University, is a member of the FBI Advisory Board, and is a bilingual consultant for the West Columbia Metro Rotary Club.  In addition, she belongs to a number of networking groups throughout the city, and has brought the International Chamber of Commerce to West Columbia.

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