Mota Crosslinking Business Academy

A Connecting Point For All Entrepreneurs

Hours of Operation
M-F 9am-5pm

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Established in 2018 from Mota Intellectual Services, MCBA (Mota Crosslinking Business Academy) appeals to the need of more diversity and inclusive programs in our city. We believe in being a turning point for all entrepreneurs and bridging the gap with all cultural markets.


Biz 4 Kids
Art in Business
Business Wellbeing
Mota-vated Boss Chica
Adulting 101

Our Mission

We strive to find the entrepreneur in everyone and help in ushering them to becoming the business savvy person dwelling inside.

The Academy Curriculum

Business Development:
Curriculum built for all those aspiring entrepreneurs.
Available in English & Spanish

Personal Development:
Curriculum design to assist in finance, language and growth.
Available in English & Spanish

Crosslinking Development:
Curriculum based on different cultural markets coming together and working together.

Trade Development:
Curriculum designed to refine trade businesses and the pursuance of learning new trades.

Informational Development:
Curriculum with real estate, insurance brokers, attorneys and more bringing information to the community.

Virtual Development:
Curriculum designed to help businesses go “virtual” during and after Covid-19 pandemic.


Hours of Operation
M-F 9am-5pm

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633 12th St.
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