Mota Crosslinking Business Academy

A Connecting Point For All Entrepreneurs

Our Mission

Living up to our motto “connect – unite – diversify”, Mota Enterprises seeks to bridge and create strategic bilingual relationships. Develop programs with a solid framework that allow achieving economic and global growth among entrepreneurs and companies.


Sister companies: Motavated Business consulting Agency

Sister Companies: Mota Crosslinking Business Academy Established in 2018 from Mota Intellectual Services, MCBA appeals to the need of more diversity and inclusive programs. We believe in being a turning point for all entrepreneurs and bridging the gap with all cultural markets.

Programs at MCBA

Biz 4 Kidz
Art in Business
Business Wellbeing
Adulting 101

The Academy Curriculum

Business Development:
Curriculum built for all those aspiring entrepreneurs.
Available in English & Spanish

Personal Development:
Curriculum design to assist in finance, language and growth.
Available in English & Spanish

Crosslinking Development:
Curriculum based on different cultural markets coming together and working together.

Trade Development:
Curriculum designed to refine trade businesses and the pursuance of learning new trades.

Informational Development:
Curriculum with real estate, insurance brokers, attorneys and more bringing information to the community.

Virtual Development:
Curriculum designed to help businesses go “virtual” during and after Covid-19 pandemic.


Hours of Operation
M-F 9am-5pm

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633 12th St.
W. Columbia, SC 29169